agorafocus 850 suspended fireplace
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Agorafocus suspended fireplace

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A discreet best-seller, this cleverly crafted suspended fireplace can be mounted so that its direction is adjustable, or it can be fixed on a base. It is designed with a glass-panelled fireguard so the fire can be viewed from all sides. Taking up little space, this subtle fireplace gracefully provides a luminous focus to a room. Easy installation and maintenance (ash can be easily removed in both versions) and exceptional heat output match the model’s aesthetic achievements. Can be converted to Gas.


Hearth: diameter 0.63 m, weight 52 kg; standard plate weight: 19 kg; flue: 16 kg/m (made to measure); highly heat-resistant matt black paint. 4 curved pyro ceramic glass frameworks including two opening on hinges. The suspended, pivoting model comes with a plate. The base-mounted model includes an ash pan and fresh-air intake (plate not included).

Optional extras:

Cover disc to conceal ceiling joint, connector, special plate, flue extension in black steel, slate grey paint, gas appliance for base-mounted version – guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 3 m.

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