antefocus wood burning fireplace
antefocus wood burning fireplaceantefocus wood burning fireplace

Antefocus wood burning fireplace

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This was the first wood burning fireplace ever designed and made by Dominique Imbert. He created it in 1967 for his personal use. This seminal model was initially designed to pivot and became the prototype for the Gyrofocus in 1968 and the springboard for the entire Focus range. Decades after its creation, the Antefocus is still built to order (by hand) in polished raw steel with visible welding seams. Each unit is numbered and signed, a fitting homage to the originality of the wood burning fireplace that launched the Focus philosophy.


Removable fireguard, specific wall-mounted plate, custom made plate, cover disc to conceal ceiling joint, connector, steel flue (made to measure), guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 4.5 m.


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