bathyscafocus suspended fireplace
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Bathyscafocus suspended fireplace

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The perfection of geometry allied with the purity of fire …
With a nod towards the sea, this round, compact suspended fireplace is pleasing and unobtrusive. The generous opening of the hearth allows a direct dialogue between fireside visitors and the flames. The Bathyscafocus is more than a fireplace – it’s a reward.

The Bathyscafocus suspended fireplace is available in either open wood or fully closed with glass door (Hublot). You also have the option of converting it to gas.  The Bathyscafocus is customised for every installation to suit your unique environment. For the gas version the Bathyscafocus has a pedestal base.


This model pivots 360° so the view of the fire can be rotated as you wish towards different parts of the room. The fixed versions are supplied without an anchor plate but with a base that contains an ash pan and a fresh-air intake.  Hearth: diameter 0.70 m, weight 44 kg – standard plate 19 kg; flue: 16 kg/m, highly heat-resistant matt black paint.

Optional extras:

Cover disc to conceal ceiling joint, connector, fireguard, special plate (inclined, etc …), base-mounted version, flue extension in black steel, slate grey paint, gas appliance.
– guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 3 m.

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