eurofocus freestanding wood burning fireplace
eurofocus freestanding wood burning fireplaceeurofocus freestanding wood burning fireplaceeurofocus freestanding wood burning fireplace

Eurofocus freestanding wood burning fireplace

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Audacious yet sober, this expansive wood burning fireplace proudly displays its flames in their full splendour. This model is enhanced whether placed centrally in a room, in a corner or against a flat wall. It won the “Mercure du Design” award in Paris. Models 950 & 1200 are open hearth fires and model 951 is closed with a glass door. Can be converted to Gas.


The highly innovative design of this model is both alluring and practical. The top three-quarters of the façade door (which opens) are glassed, with the bottom quarter left open to allow a generous passage of air that prevents the glass from sooting up. The fireplace is double-walled with a heat recuperator.

The back has additional protection in Indaten steel. The base contains an ash pan. This model comes in two versions, stationary and pivoting, and in two sizes: 950 and 1200 (the width of the fireplace) that have virtually proportional volumes. Heat-resistant matt black paint.
Eurofocus 950: body of fireplace = 180 kg, flue diameter 273 mm
Eurofocus 1200: body of fireplace = 200 kg, flue diameter 350 mm
Eurofocus 951 : body of fireplace = 180 kg, flue diameter 273 mm

Optional extras

cover disc to conceal ceiling joint, slate grey paint, removable fireguard in steel mesh, fresh-air intake device, connector, gas appliance
Guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 3.75 m for the Eurofocus 950 and 4.25 m for the Eurofocus 1200.

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