filiofocus telescopique suspended fireplace
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Filiofocus suspended fireplace

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In 2001, Dominique Imbert was invited by the architect Lord Norman Foster to create a suspended fireplace for a prestigious reception hall: thus was born the giant Filiofocus. This elegant suspended fireplace is based on that design, but scaled down to more suitable dimensions for a domestic interior. An innovative telescopic system allows the hood and flue to be lowered and raised easily by hand. Drawing the hood down to the base allows it to function as a closed fireplace that operates in complete security. A remote-controlled telescopic system is optional. The award-winning design was honoured with the Gold Medal at the Batimat show, Paris 2001, and the Silver Medal for design in Stuttgart in 2004.


Hood: 86 kg, flue: diameter 273 mm, 27 kg/m (made to measure) fire-bowl: 80 kg; can be integrated into or set on the floor or mounted on a custom-built or raised steel base (option). The telescopic system can be integrated into the upper floor of a building or in a chimney stack. The distance between the hood and the base can be easily adjusted by hand to respond to the prevailing weather conditions.

Optional Extras

slate grey paint, raised steel base, flue extension in black steel, remote control, special cover plates

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