magmafocus suspended fireplace

Magmafocus suspended fireplace

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Inspired by its close relative, the legendary Gyrofocus suspended fireplace, but in no way intended as a surrogate, the Magmafocus differs in several significant ways: it has a diameter that is 15 cm smaller (1.10 m), it has a base (which is attached to the floor, so the hearth does not pivot).  The Magmafocus is also available in a gas fireplace option.


This gas version is equipped with a remote-controlled gas burner. Flue and other adaptation parts are made to measure
Paint: matt black (standard) or grey (optional) or sanded and waxed (optional).

Natural gas    10.4 – 12.6 kW

Butane/Propane   11.3 – 11.8 kW

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