mezzofocus foyer wood fireplace
mezzofocus foyer wood fireplacemezzofocus foyer wood fireplace

Mezzofocus Foyer wood fireplace

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Pride of place goes to the elegant Mezzofocus wood fireplace. Its strong personality makes it the centre of attention, the ultimate focal point of any room. The hood and base, though different sizes, form a perfect sphere to the eye. The purity of the shape is a powerful presence, emphasized by the warmth emitted by the hearth. Whether in a contemporary setting or a more traditional, rustic environment, this model invites conviviality.
The Mezzofocus Foyer wood fireplace includes a pedestal.
Gas conversion available.


Hood diameter 1,07 m (40 kg) ; flue: diameter 320 mm, 17 kg/m (made to measure); highly heat-resistant matt black paint. The base houses a removable ash pan. A system located under the ash pan controls the air intake, enabling the user to activate or slow down combustion. Requirement: there must be an air inlet with a diameter of 160 mm in the base that feeds into the hearth.

Optional extras

cover disc to conceal ceiling joint, flue extension in black steel, slate grey paint, connector, fresh-air intake device, gas appliance. – guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 5 m.

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